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About Adora


Personality traits: Observant, passionate, thoughtful.
Birthday: Unknown
Age: 25
Race: Hybrid sineater
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship status: Single
Family: Deceased and/or whereabouts unknown.

Hair: White
Eyes: White limbal rings
Height: 4'9″
Build: Slender
Distinguishing marks: Golden scales. Navel and nipples are pierced with silver barbell jewelry. Half of face is either painted gold or marked with gold.

Common accessories: Wears jewelry often.
Profession: Works as a bartender at The Immaculate Void
Residence: Nomadic
Hobbies: Dancing, reading, partying.

RP Hooks

More About Adora

Flood of Light

Adora was caught in the flood and endured corruption from the Light. She has managed to keep the sin eater within her at bay just enough to retain some of her humanity. For now, it seems she is embracing the parts of her situation that she can to make the most of it and the time she has left.


Adora can often be found wherever the big parties or most appealing entertainment is. It's also not uncommon to see her flirting with someone or going home with whoever catches her fancy.

Healer & Entertainer

Prior to her change, she was known as a promising healer, studying the art and practicing it well. She also worked as a dancer at The Beehive in Eulmore.

Immaculate Void

Currently, she works at a bartender at The Immaculate Void, trapped there with other sineaters as well as voidsent.

OOC Info & NSFW Info

-Always open to making new friends. I have preference for long-term RP but short-term can be okay too.
-No OOC flirting, please, as I'm not looking for any OOC romantic or sexual interactions. Platonic friendship is okay but nothing beyond that!
-S'aeil is not currently open for romantic shipping!
-Mun is 30+ and will only RP with those 18+
-EST time zone

-Other Characters:

Chakha Oronir - Female Xaela - Dancer & Courtesan at The Honey Bee Inn
Mikkel Lesrekta - Male Viera - Healer & Bartender at The Honey Bee Inn
Adora - Female Hybrid Sineater - Bartender at Immaculate Void
Kuyuk Buduga - Male Xaela - Glassblower
Sukegei Qestir - Male Xaela - Warrior of the Steppe, secretly Moks
Alaris Lothaire - Male Duskwright - Therapist
Sivar Kisne - Male Viera - Monster Hunter
Siban Dotharl - Male Xaela - Bounty Hunter

NSFW info on Adora:

-Adora is a switch and will happily sub or Dom, depending on her partner.
-Her turn-ons include power, roughness and sexy banter.
-Her favorite play includes pet play, collars and biting.
-Her favorite races include Miqo'te and Au Ra but she accepts all except for Lalafell.

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